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The way we work is changing.  Gloabalization of today's enterprises means work is performed in many different locations and times.  What if your Sage 100 software could work the same way you do, on the go, wherever needed?  Today, you can have all the capability and information Sage 100 provides from anywhere and give Sage 100 users at your organization the ability to work from multiple locations and always have the same, secured work environment and access to the software they need to drive the enterprise.

Tekoa Cloud is a certified, private data center specializing in hosting Sage 100 for a wide variety of businesses and industries.  The Remote Desktop Solution for Sage 100 puts the familiar Sage 100 software in a dedicated, private and highly secured technology infrastructure and gives users the ability to access Sage 100 and work in a familiar Windows environment, from virtually any location.

Trusted by many organizations, Tekoa Cloud is the premium Sage 100 Host Provider, providing Remote Desktop for Sage 100 solutions at a price that beats the inferior competition.  If your organization has not yet gone to a cloud hosted Sage 100 solution, Contact Us today and experience the savings, flexibility and freedom of a Remote Desktop solution for Sage 100.

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Remote Desktop for Sage 100

  • Familiar Windows Desktop Experience
  • Access your personal Remote Desktop from virtually anywhere
  • Easy to use on PC, Mac, Laptops, Powerbooks, Tablets and even some mobile devices
  • Private, Secure and Dedicated to you
  • Easily Print to your local printers
  • Customizable, Easy to Use and Access
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