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Tekoa Mobile

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your warehouse operations and manufacturing processes using barcodes and handheld scanning devices from Tekoa.  

Perform Sage 100 functions including Receiving, Picking, Shipping, Physical Count, Sales Order Entry, Point of Sale and more using mobile barcode scanning devices.  Barcoded scanning is known to improve the effectiveness of data entry, speed up procedures and increase the accuracy of transactions.

Receive product into Sage 100 Receipt of Goods from multiple Purchase Orders in one receiving.  

Compatible with a variety of handheld scanners, research your own devices or select from one of the affordable barcode handheld devices from Tekoa.

Sage 100 Mobile Solutions by Tekoa is a Cloud solution that includes everything you need for a barcode or RFID solution for Inventory or Production.  Affordable and easy to use.

Ship product directly from the handheld mobile device.  Track Make To Order product operations and sell product from mobile devices.  More....

Mobile Warehouse

Mobile Production

Mobile Salesperson

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Sales Order Shipping
  • Multi-PO Receipt of Goods
  • Physical Count
  • Inventory Transaction Entry
  • More...

  • Make To Sales Order Manufacturing
  • Perform Multiple Operations with 1 Scan
  • Track Labor Costs
  • Record Material Issues
  • Print Labels
  • Monitor Production Costs per Order
  • More...

  • View Customer Info and Purchase History
  • Check Inventory Availability
  • Enter New Sales Orders
  • Sell Now with Point of Sale
  • Signature Capture
  • Print Receipts
  • More...

Sage 100 Mobile Warehouse

Manage your Sage 100 warehouses using handheld barcode devices from Tekoa.  An easy to use mobile user interface gives you realtime access to Sage 100 information and the ability to perform a variety of Sage 100 functions including:

  • Inventory Inquiry
  • Physical Count
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Multi-PO Receipt of Goods
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Sales Order Shipping

Use the efficiency and accuracy of Bar Codes to streamline warehouse operations at multiple facilities simultaneously in realtime.  Tekoa's Mobile solution for Sage 100 is a very cost effective cloud solution that beats its competitors hands down in both functionality and price.  More...

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Sage 100 Mobile

sage 100 job ops

Sage 100 Mobile Production Tracking

Tekoa's Make To Sales Order manufacturing solution is an easy to use mobile optimized solution for Sage 100.  Production floor users have a simple one-scan way to record one or many steps of production.  Track costs associated with manufacturing and analyze the cost effectiveness of each Sales Order line item as it flows through the process.  Features include:

  • Realtime visibility of Sales Order Production Status
  • Customizable Product Options and Components
  • Simple One-Scan data entry
  • Record Material Issues
  • Track Labor Transactions
  • Apply Fixed and Variable Overhead
  • Print Labels, Tickets and Travellers
  • Sage 100 Manufacturing Modules Not Required and there are no Sage 100 modifications.
  • More...

Sage 100 Mobile Salesperson

Ideal for Route Sales, Delivery Fleets, Point of Sale and Mobile Salespersons, conduct Sales transactions easily from handheld or tablet barcode devices.  Realtime integration with your Sage 100 makes this mobile cloud solution a powerful addition to increase sales and the efficiency of the selling process for today's enterprise.  Features include:

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Customer & Item Inquiry
  • Sales Note Entry
  • Point of Sale
  • Barcode Scanning & Signature Capture
  • Print Pick Sheets, Invoices & Receipts to Mobile Printers
  • Integration with Verizon NetworkFleet GPS optional
  • More...

sage 100 mobile sale